In January 2018, 472 staged Birtwistle's opera The Corridor in New College Chapel, Oxford. Directed by 472 Associated Director, Sean Kelly.

Stealing a snapshot from the myth of Orpheus and Eurydice, this production is a unique piece of operatic theatre that seeks to offer a relatable and demystifying approach to opera as a narrative medium that is enjoyable by hardened opera veterans and newbies alike.


The Corridor relates a single moment.

First, the background: Orpheus and Eurydice have wed. It was a joyous occasion. Eurydice has died. It was heart-wrenching. Orpheus, destroyed, has decided that he cannot accept this sequence of events. He has journeyed to Hades to retrieve his beloved, striking a deal with the gods of the dead that he may bring her back to the world of the living only if he does so without turning to look at her during the return journey. They have nearly completed their journey.

Now, our moment: Orpheus turns and looks at Eurydice.


In the history of the Orpheus-Eurydice myth, Eurydice is too often silenced. This is a work which gives her a voice with which to express her experience, her criticism, her story. This production, through a feminist reading of the myth and immersive theatre practices, will explore the way that our points of view, our lived experiences, and who we are, matter.

Creative Team 

Director - Sean Kelly

Musical Director/Conductor - Hannah Schneider

Producer - Emilia Clark

Executive Producer - Amy Thompson

Marketing Managers - Laurie Sanderson and Fani Ntavelou-Baum

Associate Marketing Manager - Alice Bate

Lighting Design - Seb Dows-Miller

Assistant Lighting Design - Sarah Wallace

Design - Thomas Robertson

Graphic Design - Fran Csongrady


Eurydice: Hannah McDermott

Orpheus: Harry O'Neill



Cello: Andrew Snell

Clarinet: Dan Mort

Flute: Eleanor Blamires

Harp: Aoife Miralles

Viola: Jules Hedges

Violin: Charles Lovell-Jones

Praise for The Corridor

Praise for The Corridor: 


The cast, the crew, and the musical players keep the audience absolutely riveted from the outset. -Cherwell

The catastrophic collapse of young love is mesmerising – Daily Info