The Cherry Orchard, Keble O'Reilly Theatre

In February 2018, FourSevenTwo Productions presented Anton Chekhov's The Cherry Orchard, translated by Michael Frayn. Directed by Ross Moncrieff 

Harry Clements plays Gayev in Chekhov's The Cherry Orchard

Creative Team

Director - Ross Moncrieff

Producer - Amy Thompson

Assistant Director - Joel Stanley

Production Manager - Linette Chan

Set Designer - Niamh Calway

Lighting Designer - George Twinn

Lighting Assistant - Jake Adams

Sound Designer - Seb Dows-Miller

Sound Assistant - Joe Shailer

Costume Designer - Hanna Hoeiboe

Stage Manager - James Fellows

Marketing Manager - Alice Bate

Director of Photography - Devon Armstrong

Marketing Assistants - Tyron Surmon,

Caleb Barron, Tyron Surmon, Kitty Low



Mrs Ranevsky - Tara Kilcoyne

Trofimov - Chris Page, Cameron Forbes

Lopakhin - Jon Berry

Anya - Lara Deering

Varya - Alma Prelec

Gayev - Harry Clements

Yepikhodov - Tom Saer

Danyasha - Kayla Kim

Yasha - Gavin Fleming

Pischin - Ariel Levine

Charlotte - Conky Kampfner

Firs - Lee Simmonds



When Mrs Ranevsky returns to her ancestral home from Paris where she has been living since the death of her son, she in confronted by all the changes which have happened in her absence and the question of whether her beloved cherry orchard must be sold. In turn tragic and comedic, Chekhov examines love, loss, and the passing of time through the ever-present question of the fate of the family’s estate. Enhanced by stunning design and an atmospheric score of original live jazz music, this production is a compassionate exploration of the challenges of human interaction, both with each other and with the past.


Anton Chekhov’s final masterpiece portrays a country and family on the brink of social upheaval. Written in 1903, shortly before the Russian Revolution, this production reimagines the play in prohibition-era 1920s America: a period, like ours, on the cusp of great political change. Chekhov’s study of social tensions is given a new significance in the Jazz Age, which shares the original poignancy of sweeping economic transformation, reflected in generational divides between youthful hedonism and traditional conservatism.

Production Photography by Abbas Husain and Alice Taylor

Praise for The Cherry Orchard

"the atmosphere of the setting was not just inclusive but inescapable" - The Oxford Student