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Quickfire Questions with Lighting and Effects Designer, Seb Dows-Miller

If you could describe Made in Dagenham in a word, what would it be?

Most importantly for me, Dagenham is just fun. The message is important but the script is witty and upbeat, and the songs will leave you tapping your feet and wishing for more. Not only that, but it’s been one of my favourite productions to work on so far, because the production team and cast have also been so much fun to work alongside.

The lighting desk is in the foreground, on stage actors and a large cube monopolise the image
Previous work from Seb Dows-Miller in the Oxford Playhouse

What’s your favourite song from the production and why?

While I think Eddie’s emotionally charged The Letter is one of the most moving songs in musical theatre, my favourite has to be its complete opposite, Made in Dagenham (which is also a song and not just the name of the show!). This number is entertaining and uplifting in equal measure. There’s also the small matter of the pyrotechnics… which is something I haven’t seen students use in my time here, and something I have enjoyed learning more about. This is just one of the many exciting effects and interactions we’ve got lined up for you, and the aim of the whole show is to be a spectacle of huge proportions. I for one don’t think we’ll disappoint!

Made in Dagenham runs at the Oxford Playhouse from 13th to 16th February – tickets are available here, with student price tickets on a special deal until Sunday 10th February only

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