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5 Questions with Musical Director, Josh Cottell

If you could describe Made in Dagenham in 5 words what would it be?

Important issues with incredible music.

What is your favourite song from the production and why?

As Musical Director, I think this question is quite unfair. There are so many great melodies that make the audience want to leave the theatre singing and that makes it very difficult to choose which one is the best. However, I think I owe my decision to my ‘Spotify Top Played Songs of 2018’ in which hit number 2 (yes, it really is that high) is The Letter- am I ashamed? No, and I’ll tell you why. This song comes at such a vital point in the show: emotions are running high and everyone is truly anticipating the best outcome for the women. And there stands Eddie, alone on stage, singing his heart out. The build up of the music, the orchestration, the vocal ad libs all combine to create an absolute smash hit. No pressure, eh? I genuinely cannot wait to see this on the stage at the Playhouse.

Josh stands behind a keyboard with the score of Made in Dagenham on the stand
Musical director, Josh Cottell, leads a rehearsal

What has been the most exciting part of musically directing this production so far?

The first vocal rehearsal with the full cast had to be my most excited moment. To finally hear over 20 voices singing this gorgeous music was something quite exhilarating. The end of Storm Clouds is such a climax of the show, and to hear it in 6 part harmony, with the full cast giving it everything so early in the rehearsal process, gave me so much hope for what they are going to give the audience on that Playhouse Stage. Just you wait.

What drew you to being musical director of this show?

I will continue to say this again and again: the music is so catchy. But more than that, what I said in my original Musical Directors statement for our bid was that it is the true epitome of a British musical: a feel-good story of empowerment meets classic British music, creating a show that’s catchy and memorable. It combines so many different musical genres into one show, juxtaposing 60s Rock and Pop right next to more traditional musical theatre numbers. There is also a strong balance between ensemble and solo singing - you certainly get a lot for your ticket price.

What challenges are you looking forward to?

They say never work with children or animals. Luckily, there are none of the latter in the show, but bringing 4 incredible kids into the mix of a Student production is certainly going to be a challenge, but one that I am really looking forward to! It is definitely going to test Miranda and me, as well as the cast, but I’m sure it will really bring the whole show up a level.

If Josh has convinced you that this is a show you can't miss, get your tickets here for Made in Dagenham which runs from 13th to 16th February at the Oxford Playhouse

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