Brave New World

Performed in the O'Reilly Theatre in May 2018

"But wouldn't you like to be free to be happy in some other way? In your own way … not in everybody else's way."

Set 600 years in the future, ‘Brave New World’ anticipates a totalitarian World State where "Everybody's Happy Now". It's a society structured by eugenics, a strict rank system, and the distribution of free narcotics to every citizen; the family has been abolished and babies are grown in bottles. Even feeling "love" for another person has become socially unacceptable. But when two high ranking members of the society bring back a scandalous secret from the 'Reserve' that has been left behind in the dust, the results are explosive.

Although written 87 years ago, Huxley’s novel is still startlingly relevant today. The fusion of innovative projection and visual design with choreography inspired by Berkoff and Frantic Assembly will bring the novel to life in a vivid and hard-hitting way not seen before. This brand new adaptation offers a deeper exploration of the themes that Huxley addressed while also bringing in important and topical questions of queer theory and widening Huxley’s examination of gender dynamics. The use of stylised choral movement sparks the age-old conflict between the individual and society and asks: is it better to be happy or free?

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John - Lucy Miles
Bernard Marx - Patrick Orme
Lenina Crowne - Amelia Holt
The Director - Marcus Knight-Adams
Helmholtz Watson - Nicole Jacobus
Linda - Esme Sanders
Henry Foster - Jordan Grinyer
Fanny Crowne - Louis Cunningham
Benito Hoover - Jessie See
Hillary (SSVD) - Kristen Cope

Production Team 

Director: Georgie Botham
Producer and Production Manager: Amy Thompson
Assistant Director: Ella Tournes
Assistant Producer: Tracey Mwaniki
Projection and LX Designer: Seb Dows-Miller
Set Designer: Thomas Robertson
Composer and Sound Designer: John Paul
Costume Designer: Beth McCullagh
Animator: Poppy Eastwood
Projection Assistants: Ed Harris, Olivia Webster, Niamh Calway
Marketing Manager: Emilia Clark
Marketing Assistants: Kitty Low, Laurie Sanderson, Sam Trevelyan, Max Rumbol
Graphic Design: Franciska Csongrady
CSM: Kayla Kim
DSM: Ksenia Dugaeva
Director of Photography: Anna Whitmore
Sound Recordist: Calum Bradshaw


Praise for Brave New World

"a bold venture from Four Seven Two... few stones of imagination have been left unturned here in its realisation" – Daily Info

"The production was executed phenomenally" – Cherwell


"a very well executed technical design that proved near hypnotic" – Cherwell 

"FourSevenTwo Productions have staged the play with great style and precision." – Daily Info

Photography by Georgie Botham and Seb Dows-Miller. This production was presented by arrangement with Georges Borchardt Inc.